Payment Help

Payment Methods

At the moment, we are accepting payments through Stripe. Stripe is one of the most trusted names in online transactions, with companies like Amazon, DocuSign, Peloton, and Shopify among its users. Using Stripe allows us to accept payment globally, from almost all major payment providers, with state-of-the-art security and fraud detection.  If you have any questions or concerns about your payment, please contact Stripe directly.

Update a subscription

If you want to change your membership plan, by default, we prorate your subscription changes. This means, for example, if a member signs up on August 1st for a £5 membership, she'll be billed £5 immediately. If, on Aug 15, she switches to a £15 price, then on September 1st she'll be billed £22.50 (£15 for a renewal of her subscription, plus a £7.50 prorating adjustment for half of the previous month's difference). Similarly, a downgrade will generate a credit that will be applied to the next invoice. 

Switching prices does not normally change the billing date or generate an immediate charge.

Cancel membership plans

Payment failure

Subscriptions and billing continue until you decide to cancel. A subscription will cancel automatically after up to 4 unsuccessful attempts to bill your payment card. If this happens unintentionally, you will have to create a new subscription. Don’t worry, your profile will only be paused, so you don’t have to create everything from scratch—unless you want to start fresh!

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