August App Update
The Bright Team
The Bright Team • Aug 19

August App Update

by The Bright Team

We're excited to report that we're nearing the end of the first phase of our app build!  

It's been an intense process and we're so happy to see the app coming together.  Over the next few weeks we'll continue to test and make changes before adding new Members (and life!) to the project. 

Bright is coming to life! This is our login page.

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We thought it might be a good time to say a few words about what happens next and why we're doing a limited release (hint:  it's not about creating artificial scarcity). 

Adding new Members in groups will allow us to appreciate each piece of feedback we receive and respond quickly.  This means that people who want to provide lots of feedback can both help build up the community and help shape the in-app experience.  Working in groups also means that people who don't necessarily want or have the time to be deeply engaged in the real-time development process can still help build the community and participate in the way best suited to them.  And, of course, people who want to wait for a polished product and established community can drop right in when they're ready. 

This is how we create a community of Members, and not just waves of new "users" -- and it's a key part of our Member-focused approach to development.  By giving our earliest Members the flexibility to decide how much and how intensely they want to participate in development, we're following a core value: let Bright Members choose what they want to create, and help them do it.  Bright as a community and as an app is about allowing people to build something new, but also giving them the space to do it.

How should you prepare for the pre-beta launch?

First, we can't wait for you to see our collaboration with Luna9. Our animation captures what Bright is all about and we hope you love it as much as we do! 

Second, if you've submitted a request to be an early beta tester, we'll be in touch soon with estimated dates and timelines.  First members are critical to building the kind of community we want to be part of, and they'll have direct access to our team to provide feedback in real time.  Our first Members will also have their first choice of BrightMemberID ("BMID"), and an opportunity to reserve additional BMIDs.  

Our first three membership waves are full, but we're reviewing requests to join our fourth wave now.  You can register here or reserve your place in line by securing a membership here.  

If you have any questions or ideas, want to see someone in particular on the network, or just want to share your excitement, send us a note at  

We're looking forward to seeing you all on Bright very soon!

-The Bright Team

Scan the QR code here for access to the beta survey.

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The Bright Team
The Bright Team

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