What is Bright?

Bright is a social network that's truly social. It's an opportunity to meaningfully connect with real people, who share real (verified) information, on a platform that maintains and secures your privacy. It's a community based on mutual respect, trust, and accountability, where people can share ideas and inspire each other. Bright is the social network we've deserved all along, and you won't have to sacrifice your privacy or wellbeing to participate. 

What does “verified” mean?

Bright verifies that every person who wants to become a Member is actually a person, and not a bot. We do this for two reasons. First, it’s the most reliable way to keep bots off of the network -- and no bots means a better experience for everyone. Second, accounts tied to real people are not only less likely to engage in abuse or harassment on line, they can also be held accountable when they do. 

What verified does not mean is that we keep copies of photo IDs or any other data we don’t need to keep our network operating. Remember: we don’t sell or share your data with anyone.

What does “reliable information” mean?

Fake news and misinformation are everywhere online, and keeping them out of Bright is a top priority for us. We talk about promoting reliable information and the “best of the internet,” which means that clickbait or fake items won’t get promoted or go viral across the network. How? Our systems don’t allow widespread sharing of information until it has been validated as trustworthy by our Members and, in some cases, experts. We also actively seek out fake news and remove it from the network and, in a complete change from how things are done elsewhere, any Member who shares it can be held accountable. 

Everyone has the right to their opinions and their views, which is why you can share any viewpoint a Member likes as an Experience Post as long as it doesn’t violate the Membership Agreement or Community Standards. But sharing something as “news” means holding ourselves to a higher standard, and that’s exactly what our approach “reliable information” is all about.

Other Questions?

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