Our Promises to Members

What makes a community more than a group of individuals? The commitments that members make to one another. These promises help to establish the boundaries and the values that make a community what it is. 

On Bright, Members promise to follow the Terms and Conditions, Membership Agreement, and Community Guidelines. But for a community to be built on trust and respect, commitments cannot, and should not, go in only one direction. Bright has promises to make too.  

We want our network to be a community built on trust and accountability — and that requires openness and honesty.  That’s why we’re making our promises public —  we’re not afraid to be held to a higher standard.  We’re counting on it.

  1. We will never punish you for holding an opinion or a viewpoint.

  2. We will never knowingly promote fake news or misinformation.

  3. We will never force you to agree to ads or sponsored content.

  4. We will never steal your intellectual property, your Member ID, or your likeness.

  5. We will never impose hidden fees, costs, or price increases.

  6. We will never knowingly reveal your identity to other Members or dox you.

  7. We will never secretly track you, collect your information, and sell your data.

  8. We will never break these promises and then lie to Parliament or Congress about it.