Jewellery Design Evolution
Zohara Moorthy
Zohara Moorthy • Oct 21

Jewellery Design Evolution

by Zohara Moorthy

From the beginning, I had a strong passion to be engaged and involved in the jewellery industry. More specifically, I had a dream to revolutionize the industry, to move from merely “bespoke” jewellery to even more unique and personalized collections that transcended myriad renditions of precious metals and stones. I undertook years of intense research and development, attempting to integrate new-age technologies with age-old craftsmanship, building on traditional design thinking and philosophies and exploring new frontiers and charting new paths. My journey has been exciting and fulfilling, and I look to the future with eager anticipation.

Having been a part of the industry for over a decade, I have come to realize that gold will always be the standard of beauty. Whether on its own or as the base upon which stones are arranged in delicate yet stunningly intricate patterns, gold is the standard. Still, new materials and applications present exciting avenues and opportunities for design development.

Just as technology, attitudes and social mores are evolving, so too is design evolving. In the evolutionary process of day-to-day living, design has to play a revolutionary role that acts as a catalyst for progress of our everyday lives. Therein lies the duality of design. 

3D printing technology is comparatively newer and on the rise. The most common understanding of 3D-printed jewellery is that it is composed of complex geometric shapes and abstract concepts. However, with advancement in additive manufacturing, it provides freedom and opportunities to customize pieces on a more personal level, produce more, work within smaller timeframes and maintain exclusivity.

Master craftsmen, with their ability to produce marvelous pieces of ‘handmade’ jewellery, will never become extinct because of the intrinsic value of the pieces and the extraordinary skill that went into their creation.  Nonetheless, 3D printing allows designers to explore new frontiers that are beyond the limits of human capabilities and permits the designers to stretch their imagination.

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An Award-winning piece for the Artisan Jewellery Awards - A combination of patina on brass, gold overlay and diamonds

Using complex 3D modelling and state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, we are now able to craft radically intricate pieces with a finish and precision difficult to achieve by human hands. Each collection has a unique narrative that manifests itself in every piece produced. From kinetic to sculptural, classical to contemporary and experimental to conventional, we can create jewellery pieces through an amalgamation of imagination, innovation and technological integration.

My journey with 3D printing has been nothing short of adventurous and educational. Each piece is a labour of love, punctiliously worked upon from concept to final product. From simple solutions to complex engineering, it has pushed me to elevate my creative process to greater heights. 

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Zohara Moorthy
Zohara Moorthy

Zohara Moorthy is an award-winning designer based in India. An alumnus of the prestigious National Institute of Design, India and Istituto Marangoni, Milan, Italy, she has spent the last 14 years in the jewellery sphere. Zohara’s approach to design has always been maverick and has led her to work with reputed brands, designers, collectors and private clients.

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